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September 30, 2012

Kishwaukee River Fishing Report: Got up to the Kish with my brother-in-law Joel for a late morning wade. Low and clear skinny water. Lots of filamentous algae and duck weed. Found very little. I caught two small smallies and a small largemouth on the Prop Darter. Joel blanked.

Fox River Fishing Report: Tried the Fox solo later in the day and fished 'till dark. Had to work for 'em but caught a few. Mostly Prop Darter around current and pilings. Ended up with eight smallmouth, biggest was 15". I'm sure the Fox was pretty picked over from all the weekend anglers.

topCreek Chub Pikie
September 29, 2012

Fox River Fishing Report: Got out for a quick solo wade for about an hour before sunset. Picked up three smallmouth and one white bass on a 1/4-ounce white and glitter swim jig. Biggest smallie was 17" and hit alongside rock structure in fast water as soon as the bait splashed down. Gorgeous bright moonrise was a nice end to a mild September outing.

topCreek Chub Pikie
September 24, 2012

Fox River Fishing Report: Got out for a quick late morning stroll at the Fox and fished from shore. Started off slow with nothing biting on the spinnerbait, buzzbait, Prop Darter or Chug Bug. Finally a few takers on a pearl jig and twister so stuck with it and spot hopped a bit. Ended up landing 16 smallmouth and 2 white bass. Most fish were short but did land one at 17.5" before heading home. Twister fluttered through or hung in the current around shoreline breaks. USGS 10.86' / 260 CFS

topCreek Chub Pikie
September 19, 2012

Fox River Fishing Report: Wade fished solo for about an hour. Fished a 1/4-ounce white and glitter swim jig around rock structure. Caught six smallies and a white bass before heading home. Biggest smallmouth pictured. Was a 19" beauty!

Fox River smallmouth bass

topCreek Chub Pikie
September 18, 2012

Fox River Fishing Report: Spent around four hours wade-fishing today. Urban areas. Started off mid-morning under bluebird skies and a chilly northwest wind. Tossed the white spinnerbait around a few dams. There has been a pretty good shiner bite at the dam face(s), with baits getting pounded as soon as they plunge into the boils. With the water up and a little dirty from last night's rain, couldn't get anything going at the dam face.

Worked sea walls and bridge pilings -- typical current break stuff. Found 'em. Rotated through a variety of baits during my outing -- sometimes switching every few casts. Mostly spinnerbait and buzzbait, but also caught 'em on a small KVD squarebill crank as well as the Megabass Prop Darter. Turned out to be a great day! Landed 27 smallmouth of various sizes. Around 8 to 10 were decent sized, over 14" and topping out around 18". The spinnerbait drew numbers but the buzzbait drew size. The fish were on a tear after the buzzbait, often smacking it three or four times, right up to me. I let some of the hot spots cool off and returned with the Prop Darter to pickup a few of the bigger bass that I missed the first go 'round.

Puffy white clouds cluttered the blue sky towards the afternoon, providing a beautiful backdrop for fishing. Fish were very aggressive and not afraid to hold shallow, even in still water away from current. One of those magical days on the river. Only saw one other angler, who seemed to be runnin' and gunnin' during his lunch hour and thankfully gave me a wide birth (thanks!).

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