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July 31, 2012

Fox River Fishing Report:

Creek Chub PikieJuly 30, 2012

Fox River Fishing Report: Wade fished solo after work. Hit a downtown area and tossed a 3/8-ounce Eric Bait the duration. Had consistent action with smallmouth of various sizes. Fast retrieve upstream, downstream, cross-stream, tight to rock. Fish were crushing it. Ended up with 12 smallies, 1 largemouth and 2 walleye. Biggest smallie was around 15.5". Took a few long exposure pics after dark.

Aurora, IL at night

Creek Chub PikieJuly 28, 2012

Fished in my first Riverbassin' tournament and I had a great time! It was well-organized, casual and low-key. I signed up and fished as an individual. Since the Fox Rivre is so low, I left the kayak at home and just shore- and wade-fished. First cast was 5:45 AM. I travelled light with my baitcaster and one small Plano box of lures. It was a day of power fishing! I spot-hopped and worked waters in Geneva, Batavia, Oswego and Aurora. The smallies were aggressive and short fish were out in force. My hot presentation was a 1/4-ounce Eric Bait from Timmay's Tackle. It finally broke in two after fish 56! Ended up with 59 bass, primarily smallmouth with a few largemouth and one white bass. The three largest bass that I scored were fairly short at 14", 15.25", 15.5" (total score 44.75"). Like most of the tourney participants, I had my share of blunders throughout the day and lost a biggie here and there. But overall, I sure can't complain!

Topwater was fairly uneventful but the 5" double-tail Yamamoto Hula Grub rigged on a slider head worked out as a great sub-surface presentation for finicky bass that boiled on the spinnerbait but needed some extra coaxing.

Check-in was at 4:30 PM and around 5:30 PM we had an awards ceremony, food and drinks at Ballydoyle Irish Pub in Aurora. I think at that point everyone needed a few beers after a long, hot day on the water.

Fishing friend and master fly angler Tom Loo won the individual category (and the grand prize: a Jackson Kayak Coosa) with three 17"+ beauties. Congratulations Tom!

When the festivities were over, Tom and I hit the river once again and exercised a few more Aurora smallies. I picked up another 7 fish on a 3/8-ounce Eric Bait and Tom landed a few on the long rod. Was our first time fishing downtown Aurora and there are some neat urban spots.

Had a really fun day and would definitely do it again! Thanks to Paddle & Trail, Kenny Abbott, Tim Goodman, Jim Jozwiak and all who worked hard to make the event FUN and a success!


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