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December 31, 2011

DuPage River Fishing Report: Last chance to reach my goal of 1,000 fish landed in 2011. Got a late start, arriving at the river around noon. Fished until 3:40 PM. Needed to catch 26 fish, ended with 31. Three smallmouth on the float-n-fly from a slow, waist-deep eddy. The rest (eight smallmouth and twenty rock bass) came on a 1/8-ounce jig and 3" pearl Producto Spring Grub swam slowly against the current, hopped along the bottom, or hung in mild current. Air temp only made it up to 36.5°F and winds gusted to 18mph. Overall it was a chilly, winter-like afternoon! USGS 5.39' / 150 CFS

Creek Chub Pikie
December 29, 2011

Woke up to the news of the diesel fuel spill at the Fox River in Aurora. Really unfortunate for the river and I hope the cleanup effort helps to heal her quickly. Didn't have much time to fish and contemplated hitting the Fox, which is closer to home. Didn't want to be in the water in case there were still traces of diesel fuel. (USGS 11.58' / 1,220 CFS) I skipped the Fox and wade fished at the DuPage River instead.

DuPage River Fishing Report: The Dupe was low and clear. The mild air temp had plenty of bugs flying around. The birds were singing. Felt more like spring than late December. I struck out at my first two spots with the float-n-fly. Not even a sniff! My third spot was a gold mine, with 9 smallmouth and 8 rock bass landed on a small, bottom-bouncing soft plastic (minnow imitator). Had my GoPro HD HERO2 recording the entire time so was fun to re-live the wade and all the catches later that evening. Largest smallmouth bass of the bunch pictured. USGS 5.24' / 117 CFS

DuPage River smallmouth bass
Creek Chub Pikie
December 26, 2011

Fox River Fishing Report: Wade-fished solo late afternoon. Tossed a blue and white float-n-fly set around 24" deep at a slow, waist-deep eddy. Didn't find any smallmouth bass, only caught a common carp right at sunset. Still, nice to feel a tug on the line. Loving the snow-free December and mild temps. Wish it would last 'till spring! USGS 11.58' / 1,220 CFS

Creek Chub Pikie
December 18, 2011

DuPage River Fishing Report: Caught four smallmouth bass on the float-n-fly fished around 24" deep in a slow, shoreline eddy. 11"-14" range. Water a bit on the high side and still receding. Nice day to be out. Pretty sunset. USGS 5.80' / 256 CFS

Creek Chub Pikie
December 13, 2011

Fox River Fishing Report: Wasn't very motivated to get out and got a late start. Tried the float-n-fly for around 1.5 hours. Foul-hooked a big quillback carpsucker early on and I think it spooked the hole. Couldn't draw bites from any smallies. Saw an adult bald eagle fly upriver, which is always a treat. Toward the end of the wade, a big turtle surfaced for air about six feet from me. Must have disturbed its slumber wading through. Sometimes I see dozens of turtles partially buried in the soft mud on the bottom of this eddy. I try to avoid that area and stay near shore. Must have somehow awoken this one. After a quick photo op it lumbered off to re-bury. USGS 11.62' / 1,290 CFS

Fox River turtle in winter Fox River turtle in winter
Creek Chub Pikie
December 12, 2011

Fox River Fishing Report: Got out for a two-hour solo wade to enjoy the sunshine and try the float-n-fly. Managed one smallmouth and one carp. Both were decent-sized. The smallie taped at 19.75" (pictured) and gave a steady, head-shaking battle. The carp felt a lot bigger and provided a few drag-peeling runs. Didn't measure the carp, just unhooked it with my hemos while it was still in the water, then it swam off. Guess it was around 23". Enjoyable time. USGS 11.66'/ 1,370 CFS

Fox River smallmouth bass on the float-n-fly
Creek Chub Pikie
December 10, 2011

Fox River Fishing Report: I worked my tail off cleaning the house on Saturday and by 3:30 PM I left for downtown St. Charles to run an errand for my wife. Of course, I couldn't resist bringing the fishing rod. I had it rigged up with the float-n-fly and stopped by the river and tried a shoreline eddy that has been productive in the past. I figured with the sun getting low, if I didn't connect with a smallie, perhaps I'd catch a walleye, drum, or even carp. The air temp was in the mid 20s and the wind was light. I was dressed fairly warm and overall my spirits were up. I could hear the chime of the St. Charles clock and the Salvation Army bell ringers on the street corners. The shimmer from holiday lights was everywhere. There was a hustle and bustle about town, and the aroma coming from the nearby restaurants was mouth-watering. I noticed some ice forming along the river's edge but I kept a sharp eye on my fluorescent green float for any sign of a take. I gave it about 20 minutes before I headed back to the car and continued on with my errand. It was neat to be fishing in an area where I've got so many fond memories of springtime giants, and to experience it in a completely different season. It was also enjoyable to take in the vibe of a Saturday evening along the river. For a brief while it more than made up for the cold. Despite no bites, I was glad I stopped by.
Creek Chub Pikie
December 8, 2011

DuPage River Fishing Report: 2 hour solo wade, air temp 34.7°, USGS 5.30' / 130 CFS, shot with iPhone 4, edited with iMovie app. Will let the YouTube video do the talking:

Fish the Fox riverCast v2 - DuPage River smallmouth on the float-n-fly
Creek Chub Pikie
December 4, 2011

Fox River Fishing Report: Haven't been fishing in about a week. Got out at noon today for a solo wade. Started at the Fox River, which was up a little and slightly stained from the recent rain. Fished a 1/4-ounce white and silver swim jig tipped with a 3" glitter and chartreuse Big Hammer Tail. Short, methodical casts worked downstream tight to structure. Finally connected with a fish, a beautifully-marked thick 16" smallmouth. The air temp was 37.9 degrees and USGS data was 11.87' / 1,810 CFS. The action on the swim jig was just what I needed to give me some momentum for the day.

DuPage River Fishing Report: I debated heading home to checkout my GoPro footage but it was only around 1 PM. I drove to the DuPage River to see what I could find. Sure am glad I did! The Dupe was on the rise and a bit muddier. I worked both the swim jig and the float-n-fly. Caught four smallmouth and one largemouth on the swim jig and four smallmouth on the float-n-fly. Biggest were 17" and 17.75". Air temp was 37.4 degrees and USGS data was 5.85' / 271 CFS. Took off late afternoon and was back home before dark. Would have been happy with one nice smallmouth and was ecstatic having landed 10 river bass in early December. Both the swim jig and the hair jigs were created by Jonn Graham of Warrior Jigs.

Fox River December smallmouth bass DuPage River December smallmouth bass DuPage River December smallmouth bass

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